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Digital literacy: a ‘significant but solvable challenge’ for higher education

Improving digital literacy is identified as a significant but solvable challenge in the higher education edition of the 2018 NMC Horizon report published recently by Educause.
16 August 2018
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One that the expert panel behind the report have categorised as a challenge ‘we understand and know how to solve’ in that individual institutions are already working to address the need for improvement. The report further identifies advancing digital equity as ‘something that we understand but that for which solutions are elusive’ and rethinking the roles of educators as even more challenging or ‘wicked: something that is complicated to define, much less address’.

The annual report profiles six key trends, six significant challenges and six developments in educational technology.

Visit the 2018 Horizon project research hub to access the full report, a blog series on the 2018 exemplar projects and additional materials.