Our discovery tool is an empowering first step for staff and students to reflect on their digital capabilities and to identify current strengths and areas for development.

What is the discovery tool?

The discovery tool is a developmental tool that students and staff can use to self-assess their digital capabilities, identify their strengths and opportunities to develop their skills further to enhance their practice of learning.

It uses a series of reflective questions that relate to our framework building digital capabilities: the six elements defined.

On completion, your staff and students will receive a personalised report with suggested next steps and links to free resources that can help them develop further. New this year is the option for organisations to add their own training resources.

Who is it for?

Our discovery tool has been designed to support individual staff and students in colleges, universities and training providers.

How can I access the tool?

The full version of the tool is available to subscribers only. For more information see subscriber benefits below. There is also a free, reduced version of the tool aimed at staff. This provides access to one set of questions and a summary of the user's overall capability. It doesn’t provide any feedback or suggested resources.

Try the free version of our discovery tool

NB: see our guide to logging on to the discovery tool (staff version)

It has been a fantastic resource to help raise the profile of digital capabilities and dispel some of the anxieties around this. This is helping us to win hearts and minds and create an openness that will inform a considered programme of support that aligns to broader personal, team and organisational objectives.

Non Lloyd Scantlebury, academic engagement manager, library and computing services, University of Hertfordshire

With a subscription you get more

Subscribe to our full building digital capability service to gain access to additional features of the discovery tool and other benefits.

Subscription benefits

  • Access to the full version of the tool for any staff or student
  • Role specific question sets for FE and HE teaching staff, library and learning resources staff, new students and current students
  • Detailed feedback and links to resources
  • A rich collection of curated resources browsable by theme
  • Access to organisational level dashboards for anonymised views of staff and student data
  • Virtual or face-to-face debrief and support with institutional use of the discovery tool

New features available for early 2019

  • The ability for organisations to add own CPD resources
  • Award of a digital badge for completion of question sets

Discovery tool security

We make sure that the discovery tool is secure for our users. You will find all the information on discovery tool security in one place.