The findings of our 2018 pilot insights survey into teachers’ digital experiences

With 1,921 respondents from 15 further education (FE) and higher education (HE) institutions from England, Scotland and Wales, this report is the first foray into uncovering how teaching staff in colleges and universities really experience their digital environment.
21 November 2018
Digital experience insights survey 2018: findings from the pilot of teaching staff in UK further and higher education
  • Who do teachers turn to for support with digital issues?
  • How well does the digital infrastructure support teaching, learning and assessment?
  • Who would prefer more use of digital technology in teaching - students or staff?

Find out this and more in our full report.

Although this is a pilot study with a small sample of institutions we think the voices of these teachers deserve to be heard. This report complements our recent student insights report: Digital experience survey 2018: insights from students in UK further and higher education and highlights sector successes and challenges.