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The development of our digital capabilities framework

This series of narrated PowerPoint slide decks chart the journey of how our digital capabilities framework was developed and how it has evolved
13 February 2020
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  1. Talking about the Jisc digital capabilities framework. This introductory presentation describes our digital capability framework as a high-level way of thinking about what staff and students need to thrive in today's educational settings and explores why a framework is needed. (Download PowerPoint file 1)
  2. How the Jisc digital capabilities framework came about. In this second presentation, Helen discusses how the framework came about. (Download PowerPoint file 2)
  3. The evolution of the digital literacy/capability agenda. In this third presentation, Helen discusses the evolution of our digital capabilities framework, outlining the policy context, the impact that the digital environment is having on the economy and the implications for Jisc members. (Download PowerPoint file 3)
  4. Other digital frameworks, convergence and focusing on the education sector. The fourth in our series of narrated PowerPoint slides looks at other digital frameworks, the common issues they raise and how our framework focuses specifically on the education sector (Download PowerPoint file 4)
  5. The structure that underpins the Jisc digital capabilities framework. In this final presentation in this set of five narrated slide sets, Helen explains how she and Rhona Sharpe the digital literacy development pyramid devised a pyramid model based on Maslow's hierarchy of needs to explore how digital technologies could be embedded into the curriculum using meaningful tasks. (Download PowerPoint file 5)